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The best websites shorten links to make money


For-profit links shortcut sites are a brilliant solution for many young people seeking additional income, or for young people in school.

All you have to do to make a profit from these companies is access a trusted links shortcut site, start shortening your favorite links, publishing them for visitors, and then get money.

In fact, it’s not as hard, but it’s not as easy as many imagine, and one of the important points that need to be carefully resolved so that your effort is not wasted is useless: careful and focused on choosing sites that shorten reliable profitable links.

In this article we will talk about the best sites shortening links to make money, and don’t worry every site we will include in our list today, is a trusted site, and you can work with it without hesitation.

This article won’t just be an article with a list of sites that shorten profitable links, but we’ll add a lot of information about how these companies work, to help you understand things at their roots to make the most of it.

What are the sites for shortening profitable links?

The companies that shorten links in general are: specialized companies operating with a specific software system, so that you can enter any link to any site, get a short link, and by clicking on this short link you will be directed to the web page of the original link.

Sites that shorten links in terms of their function are divided into two types:

1) Sites with no profit-sharing system

These sites often shorten links for marketing and analytics purposes, tools used by marketers, even ordinary Internet users, to shorten long links, and gain other analytical features to improve results.

These sites rely on advanced features and possibilities for a monthly subscription, but this does not prevent some of them from being completely free, but often allows links to be shortened only without tracking the pressures on them.

2) Sites with a profit-sharing system available to all

These sites are our subject today, so we will talk about them in some sort of detail, after which we will address a list of the most important, the best, and the most reliable.

These sites also offer a link shortcut service completely free of charge, allowing any user to shorten any number of links. But the difference here is that these companies are advertising companies, and they allow their users the property of sharing profits.

In order for these companies to understand how they make their profits, then why do you share part of these profits with you?
The idea here is simply that these companies are primarily advertising companies, they contract with an advertiser or a group of advertisers, who pay them for showing ads to users.

As a subscriber to these sites, you choose a link to important news, for example, go to your account on your company, and insert this link into the link cut rectangle, and you show another short link, you take the short link and share it with the interested audience.

When an Internet user visits this link, before entering the news page, a page containing ads will appear in front of it, and after specific seconds the user will be converted to the news page.

Now everyone is satisfied:

User: Get the news he wants, and yes indirectly, but if the news is worth it, that’s fine.
Advertiser: Ads that may have been for a product or service, that may have attracted user attention, or achieved marketing purpose, have appeared.
Short links company: Made a profit from the advertiser in exchange for showing the ad.
The owner of the short link (you): You made a profit which is part of the profits of a company that shortens links according to its profit-sharing system.

Now let me give you a list of the best companies to shorten profitable links:

What are the best sites for shortening profitable links?

I will put here the most important features of each company, but you should review the last part of the article because it has important information, it will help you choose the best website to shorten links to profit money.

    From my point of view, this company is one of the best companies ever in terms of ease of use, from creating an account with ease, to easily using the account from your computer or mobile.
    The payment methods I personally prefer are PayPal and Payoneer which are also paid through Payeer.
    The minimum payment is $5 for PayPal and $50 for Payoneer.
    It has a support service through instant messaging.
    Referral has a referral system: you can make anyone create an account through you, and you take a percentage of their profits, as this company gives you 20% of the profits for everyone who creates an account through your Affiliate Link.
    This company is one of the most famous companies in this range.
    Guaranteed where it is old and reliable from many publishers who paid them before.
    You can get your commission at this company through PayPal or through Payoneer.
    The minimum payment is $5, so you can test it yourself at an early stage to make sure it’s credible with your personal experience.
    Invite your friends and get a 25 percent commission on their monthly earnings.
    Get your profits when you get $3.
    Great support service 7 days a week within 24 hours.
    Many payment methods.
    It has many excellent tools to help you profit.
    Famous, reliable, and loved by publishers.
    Make payments through PayPal, Payoneer, and WebMoney.
    Its ads are of high quality, meaning a good experience for visitors to your short links.
  5. CPMlink
    You can pay on a daily basis provided you reach $5, which is the minimum payment.
    Ads are of the highest quality, meaning more user comfort, and then more profits.
    Payment methods are limited but PayPal.
    Excellent support service.
    Allow payment through Payoneer, Bitcoin, and Skrill.
    One of the most successful and reliable companies by publishers.
    You can get your money when it arrives at $3.
    You can get 25 percent of everyone’s profits subscribed through your affiliate link.
    One of the most famous companies used by many Arabs, through which they make a good profit.
    Famous and reliable by a lot of publishers around the world.
    It has its own forum to discuss ways and ideas of profit among members.
    The interface is easy and simple.
  8. BCVC
    One of the leading profit-making short-term companies, it is very famous, and it has a lot of publishers who win through it.
    Paid by PayPal.
    Paid on a weekly basis to anyone whose profits exceeded $10.
    The site is easy to use and fast to download and you will feel comfortable dealing with it.
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    The commission gives you 20 percent of everyone’s profits through you.
    The minimum payment is $5.
    Make payments via PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.
  10. ClicksFly
    It has many, many payment methods that suit everyone, including PayPal, Bitcoin, and bank transfer.
    Gives you 20 percent of every friend’s earnings that you register through.
    You can get paid when you arrive for $3.
    It has an excellent support system.
    As I promised you upstairs, now is the time for some points that will make a lot of things clear in front of you.

This article isn’t enough to make you make a profit.
In this article, we talked about companies shortening links, and how they work, we addressed a list of the best and explained how to register them. In fact, this is very, very important, but it’s not enough to make you make a profit.

So we didn’t leave you like this.

Profit guide from shortening links

In the end, I hope this article is useful to you, my continental friend.

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