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10 of the best ways to profit from the Internet to make a fortune in 2022


In this guide, I will put in your hands a wide variety of real and legitimate ways to profit from the Internet, through which you can make profits in thousands of dollars, and rely on them as a primary source of income like the thousands of young people other than you who have succeeded in doing so.

1- Profit from the Internet via YouTube

YouTube is the third largest site in the world in terms of popularity and visitor rate and is the second-largest search engine in the world of the Internet. There are thousands of people around the world and even hundreds of thousands who earn from YouTube on a daily basis.

All you have to do to join this list and start profiting from YouTube is to make a video worth watching.
It uploads it to YouTube and participates in Google’s profit-sharing program, which also offers profit from videos.

We won’t talk much here about YouTube and the profit steps through it, because we’ve covered all its points and aspects in separate topics.

Important topics in 216 about profit from YouTube

How do I know the idea of a successful YouTube channel?
Successful YouTube channel ideas (comprehensive list)
How to create and professionally adjust the YouTube channel (photo caption)
YouTube profit terms (simplified explanation for beginners)

2- Profit from the Internet via websites shortening links

Link shortcut companies are companies that you can place any link to give you another short link, anyone who visits this link sees some ads before going to the intended web address.

Some link shortcut sites are basically advertising companies, and they share part of their profits for everyone who shortens their links through them.

This company will give you a percentage of its profits if you get good visits to the short associations through it. The genius thing about these companies, they allow you to brief any links whether you own them or not.

So the world of the Internet is in your hands to choose from it what suits your audience links, and then start to profit.

For more information, read the article below:

Profit guide from shortening links

3- Profit from the Internet via Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading companies in the online world, one of the companies from which young people earn millions of dollars each month.

Some may know that Amazon offers a commission marketing program that is the best on the Internet, but what many don’t know is that there are five other ways to profit from Amazon as well as how to profit from their commission marketing program.

As always, we don’t talk about anything superficially and leave you like this, so we’ve created a comprehensive and integrated guide to Amazon’s profit methods, which will open up a lot of prospects and opportunities for amazon profit, and here’s the link:

Profit from Amazon (all the ways and information you need)

4- Profit from the Internet via Google

Don’t worry, this is not a mistake… I remember very well that the fourth way to profit from the Internet was about Google Adsense, but here I’m talking about something else, or to say something bigger and more spacious.

Like amazon case like Google… Many know how to profit from Google Adsense, and they don’t know the rest of google’s possible ways to profit, there are 10 different ways you can profit from Google.

Here’s a link to explain them all:

Google’s Profit Methods

5- Profit from the Internet by selling via Facebook Marketplace

Do you remember when I was talking about profit from e-commerce… I mentioned that there are a lot of simple and easy options to start e-commerce and that I will eat one of them… I meant to sell here through the free Facebook store.

Facebook Market Place is a free service that Facebook has made available for several years, allowing you to view any product you want to sell to a MailOn buy, as it is a market for displaying and selling products among Facebook users.

The way the product is added is very easy, and Facebook also operates with a geographical distribution system, it shows products that owners are in Australia in front of potential buyers who also live in Australia.

Facebook Market Place represents a great and easy-to-execute free opportunity to make a profit by selling products.

6- Profit from the Internet via file-raising sites

File-uploading sites are, on the other hand, file download sites, used by many internet users to download files uploaded by someone else before.

These companies or sites are primarily advertising sites, offering free file downloads to users in exchange for watching their own ads.

These ads make them good profits, and they share part of these profits with file owners, and you could be one of them.

As a profit-looking provider of these companies to host files, all you have to do is find files that others need and upload them to one of these companies, and then make people download these files through you, and then you get a profit.

7- Profit from the Internet through followers on social media

You’ve taken up and independently profit from Facebook, profit from Instagram, and profit from YouTube, but you’ve deliberately mentioned this method as an independent way to get your attention that you can make a profit through your followers on any social networking site.

The idea here is simply to get followers loyal to you, and then start promoting anything to them… Whether selling your own service or product or products for other companies on a commission system.

There are also a lot of companies that seek to connect with sushi media influencers and offer them good amounts in exchange for mentioning their brand and encouraging followers to buy.

Important points about profit from followers on social media

  1. Specialization is very important here, companies always seek influencers in areas related to their products, for example, if you are a makeup expert you will attract cosmetic companies to advertise to you.
  2. Providing value and benefit to the public is the only way to win an audience, you have to remember that your audience will not trust you and will not follow you in the first place if you do not provide them with useful information and advice and help him solve his problems.
  3. Don’t be biased for profit, your audience will stop following you if they feel you are promoting something just for profit.

8- Profit from the Internet via Jumia

Jumia is one of the most popular stores in the Arab region, especially in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, and has a large fan base in these countries.

In fact, Jumia offers great solutions and ideas, through which many Arab youths make excellent profits. Of course, it offers a great commission marketing program but that’s not all.

Jumia also offers a program called j-Force where you can buy from your personal account for the benefit of others with excellent commissions.

Also, with Jumia, you can own your own online store, sell your product easily, and take advantage of Jumia’s shipping and payment solutions.

In an earlier article, I explained these three ways in detail and in illustrations, and this is the link to the article:

How to profit from Jumia site (comprehensive and detailed guide)

9- Profit from the Internet by performing tasks for business owners

This way of profiting from the Internet is very similar to the way you profit from self-employment platforms, but the idea here is that you will deal directly with the company or business owner.

The idea here is that you will use the skills you already have, and through your knowledge and through social media sites you will try to reach business owners or companies, and display your skills to them in exchange for money as agreed.

Of course, there is always an opportunity to learn new skills, in case you find that there is a great demand for them.

Here’s a list of some of the most needed tasks and businesses in business online:

Manage social media pages.
Design images, logos, and banners.
Design, edit, and create videos.
Writing, translation, review, and linguistic scrutiny.
Improve search engines.
Programming and designing sites.
LinkedIn is a great way to reach business owners and businesses, and with your smart and thoughtful activity on this site, you can attract these business owners to you without you offering your services.

10- Profit from the Internet by owning an online project

We talked in one way about blogging, Google Adsense, and in another about creating an online store.

But in fact, there are a lot of ideas and other ways to make a profit from the Internet by creating a project, whether through a website or through a smartphone app, or even through other sites that you don’t own.

The ideas here are infinite, but the key is: to get to know the needs of internet users or the problems they want to solve and do a project to solve these problems or to meet them.

To learn about a great collection of these ideas, you need to return to the article in the link below:

Online project ideas you can get rich with

In the end, I hope that my subject will be a ray of hope, a way to open up new horizons for every young man or girl who wants to change her life for the better through the endless opportunities and profitability available through the Internet.
I am very pleased to receive your posts through the comments below, and I also greatly appreciate your attempts to connect this topic to others, to spread interest and value first, and to help team 216 continue again.

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