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Explain creating a free PayPal account and how to activate it and use it


PayPal is an electronic bank that allows you to open a free account, through which you can shop online as you wish, and through it, you can also receive and send money to and from other users who have PayPal accounts.

PayPal is one of the world’s most popular and used electronic banks, a tool that provides brokerage services to facilitate online money trading without having to share private financial statements (e.g. credit card data).

Your PayPal account is a secure online financial platform, which works for you by linking your bank account or bank card to it.

An account PayPal conducts electronic financial transactions with all other sites or accounts on your behalf, serving as a broker between your tangible financial assets (bank account or bank card) and the external world based on electronic payment.

In this article, we will explain how to create an account PayPal easily and in illustrations, and we will also explain how to use a PayPal account, but before that, we will address some important points for creating a PayPal account.

What does a PayPal account do for you?

PayPal generally offers three basic financial services:

Send: This includes buying from online stores or transferring to another PayPal account.
Receive: This includes personal transfers from others, or receiving payments for a job.
Withdraw (withdrawal of funds): i.e. transfer of funds from PayPal to the bank account or bank card.
It should be noted here that these characteristics vary from country to country on two sides:

First side:

Some of these properties are not available in some countries, for example only in Tunisia you can send, and reception and withdrawal are not available.

Note: Of course, this may differ in the future, for example, after a month, reception and withdrawal will be activated in Tunisia, so you should follow PayPal’s official website to find out the latest updates regarding dealing in your country.

The second side:

Some properties are available in one way but not the other. For example, in America, dispatch, reception, and withdrawal are all available through local bank accounts, bank cards, and other methods.

In Egypt, sending, receiving, and withdrawing is not available through local bank accounts, but are available through bank cards (withdrawal is through Visa cards only). You can also link a U.S. bank account, pay and receive through it if you have one.

In the past, there was a page on the official PayPal website explaining the laws of dealing in each country, through a drop-down list from which you choose your country to show you the laws to deal with, but unfortunately, this page is not available now.

What do you need to create a PayPal account?

Before you start creating a PayPal account, here are the most important requirements you should have:

  1. PayPal should be available in your country.

PayPal is available in more than 202 countries worldwide, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, and Bahrain.

To find out whether PayPal is available in your country, visit the link below, where you’ll find a list of countries available in PayPal.

  1. Email address.
  2. Mobile phone number works properly.
  3. U.S. bank account, or local bank card.

As mentioned above, there are two ways to make a PayPal account work for you:

a) Link your PayPal account to your local bank account

Unfortunately linking PayPal to your local bank account is a feature available only in some countries, and it is not available in all Arab countries yet, but in any case, you can link PayPal to your U.S. bank account (if you are Egyptian, for example, but you have an American bank account, then you can link the two accounts together).

b) Linking a PayPal account to a bank card

This method is available in all countries available in PayPal. You can make a bank card through a local bank in your country (you have to explain the purpose of use to the employee and make sure it works with PayPal correctly).

It can be a credit card or debit card, but you have to make sure the card is international, not just local.

You can also get a free Payoneer credit card and link it to your PayPal account.

If you would like to link a bank card for withdrawal, you must link a Visa card as mentioned above, but of course, you can add a MasterCard, Discovery, or American Express card and use it only for payment.

Steps to create a PayPal account

  1. Access the registration page at the PayPal site
    Go to the home page of PayPal site by clicking on the following link>>>

After downloading the site in your browser, press the Sign Up button at the top right.

  1. Select account type
    Here we’re talking about creating a personal PayPal account, but in fact, PayPal offers its users more. It provides a payment portal that can be linked to online stores to receive outstanding funds from sales.

However, in this step, you should choose the first personal account option, then press the Continue button, as shown in the picture below.

Note: You’ll presumably find your state flag (small icon) automatically visible below the Continue button, advising you not to change the state, and continue to create the account according to the country you actually are in.

  1. Select the registration language
    Fortunately, PayPal is available in Arabic, after pressing the Continue button and you will move to the registration page, choose Arabic by pressing the Arabic link at the bottom of the Next button, as shown in the picture below.

Note: PayPal is available in many different languages, including French, we will complete the explanation according to the choice of Arabic, but if you choose any other language, the explanation will not be much different.

  1. Enter basic registration data
    After pressing the Arabic button, the same page will be reloaded in Arabic. Now you have to enter the basic registration data, name one, last name, email address, and password twice.

Note: The country is automatically selected in the first rectangle according to your current location.

Note: The password must not be less than 8 letters, must be in English and contain large and small letters, and must also contain at least one number, and at least one sign such as *or #.

After entering the data, press the “Next” button.

  1. Skip the protection test
    After pressing the next button in the previous step, you’ll find that there’s a message upfront of it with the phrase “I’m not a robot program.” Press the square with the lighthouse to continue for the next step, as shown in the picture below.

  1. Complete personal data
    After skipping the protection test in the previous step, you will be moved to a page containing some other personal data, which you must complete correctly and accurately, and then you must mark correctly in front of the two boxes below, then press the consent button and create the account, as shown in the picture below.

  1. Close the registration page and go to e-mail
    After you press the consent button and create an account in the previous step, you will be moved to a page as shown below, on this page you will find above that your account has been created, and you will find below a lot of other options. Here you have to close this page and go to your email to make a confirmation move.

  1. Confirm your email address
    Go to your email you used to register, you’ll find a Message from PayPal entitled “Complete your account setting on PayPal.” Open the message, and then press the confirmation button for its email address, as shown in the image below.

After you press the email address confirmation button in the message, you will be moved to the login page. Enter the password and press the email address confirmation button.

Sign in for confirmation

  1. Confirm phone number
    Once you confirm your email address, you’ll move to the mobile phone number confirmation page. You’re supposed to have entered the phone number in step six, now press the next button directly.

When you press the next button, you will move to your confirmation code entry page (you’re supposed to get a message on your phone with a 6-digit code). Insert the confirmation code into the rectangle and then press the follow-up button.

  1. Connecting a bank card
    After confirming your phone number in the previous step, you will be taken to your account page, linking a bank card to your account in PayPal click on the circle indicated by the arrow in the image below.

After you press the card link button, you will move to the card data entry page to link it to your PayPal account. Enter the card data as follows:

Link a bank card to a PayPal account
Card type: Choose your card type, whether it’s MasterCard or Visa Card, you’ll find the card type shown on the front of the card (often right at the bottom).

Card number: Enter the number on the front of the card (often 16 numbers)

Expiration date: Four numbers, including slanted police, representing the expiry date of the card per year and month (you’ll find it on the front of the card, often below the card number).

CSC code: You’ll find it on the back of the card (consisting of three numbers).

Title: You’ll find it written automatically (as you entered in Step 6), and you can change it if you want.

After entering the data correctly, press the save button,

  1. Confirm card data to make it usable.
    After you press the save button, you will be transferred to the wallet (a page in your PayPal account showing the account balance, cards, and bank accounts attached to it), as shown in the picture below.

Click on the card you have linked, until you are taken to the card data page

Now click on the credit card confirmation link, as indicated by the arrow in the picture above, which in turn will open a page containing the card confirmation steps. Press the OK button.

After pressing the OK button indicated in the picture above, you will be moved back to the wallet page.
Now PayPal has deducted €1.50 from the card (don’t worry it will be refunded to the card after confirmation).

This discount is the method used to confirm card data, as the details of the discount process contain a special code, this code will only be accessible through the real cardholder, and of course, this procedure to protect against fraud, and also to make sure that the card works properly and has a balance.

As the cardholder you have added to your account on PayPal, you can access the confirmation code in many ways:

  1. Customer service for the bank through which the card was issued.

Contact your local bank in your country through which the card was issued, and ask your customer service representative about the details of the latest card discount process that is supposed to contain the desired code.

  1. Your online bank account

Most banks currently offer their customers bank applications, if you activate this service, access your bank account, which is supposed to include all the data on your cards, and find the discount code for PayPal.

  1. Text message on your mobile phone

Most banks also allow their customers to receive account notifications, via text messages on account-related numbers, which are supposed to contain process details and confirmation code.

The confirmation code is four digits, and appears in the text message (and in front of customer service officials) as “PP*1234CODE”.

We also mentioned in the last step that you will be moved to the wallet page (you can also access the wallet page through the top taskbar).

Now click on the card you recently described, and then click the credit card confirmation link. You will open a page as pictured below, enter the 4 numbers and then press the confirmation button.

Enter the confirmation code for the card
Now you’re supposed to move to a page telling you that the card has been confirmed.

The card has been successfully confirmed
Congratulations, your PayPal account has been successfully created, fully activated, and ready to use.

In the end, I hope this article will help a lot of young people understand how to create, activate and use an account PayPal… Don’t forget to share the topic with your friends.

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