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The best ways to profit from the Internet (Wealth achievement in 2022)


The idea of profiting from the Internet has become a familiar idea for most internet users right now, but the problem for many is to choose the right way to profit from the Internet to start with.

Of course, to choose the right way for you, you first have to get to know and have a good idea of a wide variety of ways to profit from the Internet, and then choose from it what suits you and start implementing it… And that’s what I’m going to give you today.

In this guide, I will put in your hands a wide variety of natural and legitimate ways to profit from the Internet, through which you can make profits in thousands of dollars, and rely on them as a primary source of income like the thousands of other Arab youth who have succeeded in doing so.

Note: In every way, you profit from the Internet below you will find links that will enable you to start them effectively. Also at the end of the article, I put you an essential set of points and tips that will enable you to make a profit from the Internet, so I advise you to focus heavily and read the article in full… This is of course if you are serious about making a profit from the Internet.

1- Profit from the Internet via Instagram

Instagram is one of the excellent platforms for making a profit from the Internet, but indirectly. It is known that Instagram does not give money to account holders even if their followers are in the millions.

But of course, who has an account with a good number of followers, has a lot and a lot of ways to profit from Instagram, and the idea is simply to exploit followers to generate profits in ways that enter third ways such as:

-A company that wants to promote its products.
-A commercial company with the commission.
-Send visitors to a blog with AdSense ads.
Profit steps from Instagram
-Choose a domain to specialize in (we recommend choosing an area you have knowledge and passion about).
-Make a professional Instagram account.
-Start posting useful posts and attract followers.
-Continue to post more useful publications.
-Choose one of the ways to profit from Instagram.
-Start generating profits.

2- Profit from the Internet by blogging and Google Adsense

Profit from the Internet by blogging, and participating in Google Adsense, is one of the oldest and most famous ways to profit from the Internet ever.

The idea here is simply to choose one of the areas of interest to you and have a lot of knowledge about it, start publishing articles about this area and then participate in Google Adsense’s profit-sharing program.

Profit steps from Google Adsense
1- Choose a field for your blog to specialize in

This is a very important step that will make a big difference to your future success, and my advice is to choose one of the topics that interest you, and you always feel passionate and passionate about knowing about it.

I am here, for example, in 216, I chose the field of marketing, work, and profit from the Internet to be my site area, because I care about this subject and I am always familiar with it, and I have more than 8 years of experience in it.

2- Create your website

Creating a blog or website is not as difficult as some think, and we at 216 have addressed all the details and aspects of creating a blog or website.

Always try to provide value and benefit to your visitors, constantly provide your site with new topics, and you can also use another book to help you write renewed content for your site.

4- Participate in Google Adsense profit-sharing program.

Google Adsense is a Google affiliate, by signing up for them you will place ads on your site, and you will charge a profit whenever a visitor to your site clicks on these ads or even only sees them.

5- Get the most visitors to your site

The visitor rate for your site is the first vital and central element to make profits from this method, and in fact, to make good profits from Adsense, your site must get a large number of visitors.

So you find a lot of publishers relying on AdSense arbitrage to generate the best possible rate of profit.

In the end of this way to profit from the Internet let me make it clear to you that you have the skill of writing articles… You can make a profit from the Internet in many ways other than Google Adsense.

3- Profit from the Internet through site efficiency testing services

There are sites specialized in providing special type services to site owners, these services are a test of the quality and efficiency of websites and their compatibility with the visitor’s experience and satisfaction.

These sites of course do not have enough labor to scan each website to give real reports to customers about their sites, so they enable others to register, and start testing and examining customer sites for a percentage of profits.

This online profit method is very suitable for you in case you have enough experience in dealing with sites, and you can check these sites to see their vulnerabilities and strengths, such as their download speed, compatibility of colors together, ease of use… Etc.

Here’s a list of the most important sites you can profit from by evaluating sites:

-User Testing

4- Profit from the Internet by self-employment (Freelance)

This method is one of the best and easiest ways to profit from the Internet, in which you subscribe to a company that acts as an intermediary between service providers and those who want to get it.

Of course, to profit from these companies, you will act as a service provider, if you are good at any of the following tasks: writing, design, programming, translation, drawing, preparation of introductions, reviews, video editing, photography, or you have any other skill that others need, you can profit from these companies.

Business steps and profit from self-employment platforms

1- Learn or develop any skill you have

Self-employment platforms cover almost all the areas you imagine, so anyone with little skills in almost anything can profit from these platforms.

2- Subscribe to one of the self-employment platforms

There are a lot of these platforms, including Arabic and foreign ones, and you will also find some specialized in a particular field, others are general and have a lot of areas (a list of these platforms will be included in a little while).

3- Provide your services and start reaping your profits

Always try to provide something of high value, always broad to hone and develop your skills in the field you intend to work in, and always work to win the satisfaction of every customer who requests your service.

4- Browse the services provided by others

After signing up or even signing up, you can browse the services provided by others, learn about the success of the best-selling services, and then develop yourself to increase your competitiveness.

The most important platforms for self-employment

1- Fiverr

It is the most important, famous, and successful self-employment platform on the Internet, its idea of being a small service market starts at $5, but of course, services can be provided in very large amounts that can reach thousands of dollars.

2- Freelancer

The world’s largest self-employment platform, through which you can get a job from home, by carrying out long-term tasks and projects for business owners.

3- Microworkers

A great platform for doing very small tasks, you can subscribe to them, find what business owners are asking for, and do tasks for a very meaningful amount of money.

Employers view jobs or small tasks, details, and the price they want to pay in return, you browse hundreds of tasks that have not yet been done, and once you find the right one for you, you press a button to start implementing.

4- Upwork

Another great platform for carrying out tasks of all kinds and sizes, but famous for the fields of writing, marketing, and the work of smartphone applications.

5- Etsy

Etsy is a platform for selling handmade products, which have a creative touch, but it is also a great market for selling printable designs.

If you have design skills, and you can make innovative hand-printable designs, this platform is your perfect way to profit from the Internet.

6- One Hour Translation

Writing is also an art, translation is also art, if you have advanced and professional translation skills, you should and one Hour Translation platform.

This platform specializes in providing professional translation services, you will apply strict criteria with you when you accept, but translation there has another price.

7- Shutterstock

The world’s most famous photo trading platform, you can register with them and start selling your photos that you have photographed yourself, so this platform is suitable only for photographers, especially professionals who want to profit from the Internet through photography.

5- Profit from the Internet through commission marketing

Commission marketing is one of the most important areas that currently exist for profit from the Internet, which is in short to market third-party products or services for a specific commission, and you get your commission when you complete the sale.

In fact, the commission does not have to be for a sale, as many commission marketing companies call CPA companies, which offer commissions for a lot of small marketing services such as downloading apps, registering on sites, or entering personal data. Etc.

The commission marketing system has been very well known lately because it represents a brilliant and successful solution for the advertiser (the producer) and the commission marketer (you).

Through it, the advertiser can significantly increase its sales as a result of the large number of marketers working for it, and the marketer through this system can make excellent profits from a commodity it does not own. The marketer here also has the opportunity to choose whatever goods or services he wants to market.

As a result of the advantages of commission marketing, many companies have recently opened a profit-sharing system, and there are also many companies that specialize mainly in commission marketing.

Here is a list of some of the most important commission marketing companies:

Commission junction

Also recently, the idea of commission marketing has begun to spread in our Arab region, there are a lot of famous stores such as Gomia, Walk, and that have a commission marketing system, and you can as An Arab work and profit through them easily.

The great thing is that the idea of commission marketing is not related to a field, but a marketing idea used by a lot of companies, stores, and service providers, so you can win by specializing in any field you want.

You can also win any way you want: website, Social Media account with followers, YouTube channel… Etc.

For example, you’re a 20-year-old girl and you have an Instagram account that has tens of thousands of followers, in which you talk about skincare… Why don’t you look for cosmetic companies that offer commission marketing programs, and market their products on commission?

6- Profit from the Internet by investing money

This method is for those who have a surplus of money and want to invest it and make a profit online, the ways of investing online are very similar to investing on the ground.

Investing online in general means using money in a smart way to generate good returns just as on the ground, there’s a lot of ways to invest money online.

Here is a shortlist of four main ways to invest online:

1- Investing online by buying and then selling with a profit margin.
We can see online investment in this type very clearly in the case of trade in domain names (domain name, is the unique part of the site link example:

There are also those who trade on the same websites, through the famous flippa site which enables you to sell and buy sites or domain names.

2- Investing online by buying promising projects
There are a lot of smart projects that have emerged recently that have been purchased by internet whales, such as WhatsApp, which Facebook bought, and the dot-com market site that Amazon bought.

In fact, to invest in promising projects, you don’t have to have billions of dollars in capital, but the investment is always there in all sizes.

3- Investing online by adopting promising minds
There are a lot of wonderfully creative ideas that remain locked in minds because no one embraces them and turns them into reality. You can reach out to one of these minds and invest with them in implementing their idea and making imaginary profits.

But you have to deal intelligently and wisely to reach the right person, and then measure his idea on the practical investment scale and make sure the idea is profitable above all.

4- Investing online through securities trading (stock exchange)
A stock exchange or securities trading is a system that allows you to trade shares for large companies, as well as government bonds. By participating in a local or international stock exchange company, you can buy and sell shares after a while to achieve a good profit margin.

7- Profit from the Internet via mobile apps

In the past, the idea of creating an app was almost imaginary for many, but now that application work software has emerged, the idea of creating and profiting from an app is within reach for many.

Profit steps from mobile apps
1- Find an idea to make an application

There are a lot of ways you can get the idea of an application, but the main idea is to find a problem or need for phone users, work to solve the problem, or meet the need through the app.

For example, a phone user needs backgrounds and pictures, needs games, and needs songs, and music… Etc.

Any app you do to provide any of these things can be a great idea, but of course, there are other creative ideas like social media, educational applications, and productivity improvement apps… Etc.

2- Do the app

There are a lot of ways to make a mobile app, including:

Use an app tool as easy as Andromo, AppyPie, or GoodBarber.
Use a standalone programmer.
Hire a specialized programming company.
Learn to code and do it yourself.
Rely on a self-employed platform like Pfeiffer to independently choose to work the app.
3- Promote the app and get customers to download it to their devices.

This step depends mainly on the quality of the application, but of course, you have to make marketing efforts to get the right number of downloads to make a profit.

Important ways to market a mobile app include:

Rely on influencer marketing.
Make paid advertising campaigns on Social Media.
Use the content marketing strategy (i.e. blogging on topics related to the application area.
4- Start using a profit method from mobile apps.

Yes, there are a lot of ways and strategies to profit from mobile apps, but I won’t mention them here so that this part doesn’t last any longer… There are a lot of ways to profit from the Internet that I still want to put in front of you.

But don’t worry, I won’t leave you like this, because we have a comprehensive guide to profit from mobile apps, where you’ll find everything you need to know.

8- Profit from the Internet through e-commerce

I can’t take an article about how to profit from the Internet right now and I don’t put e-commerce in it. It is well known to all that e-commerce in our Corona era is no longer just an option, but a necessity and a solution to a problem that all human beings are now experiencing.

The reasons why starting e-commerce is an excellent choice right now
-The CORONA virus outbreak, which has made most people prefer to shop without direct contact with others, by the way, will not change at the end of the crisis.
-The online purchase experience is easier, more flexible and time-saving.
-There are plenty of platforms that offer great solutions that make the experience of creating a store an easy and simple experience for everyone (we’ll take it up later).
-Recently, governments have been supporting the idea of buying and paying online.
It is worth noting that the idea of e-commerce is one of the most important ways to profit from the Internet, and the idea is simply that you will sell products through the Internet.

This product can be tangible or intangible, and it is possible to sell services instead of products as well, and the great thing is that you don’t have to own a product in the first place… Follow and you’ll understand.

Steps to start e-commerce

1-Choose one of the ideas of e-stores.
2-Select the source from which you will get the product, whether you will purchase it from a factory or supermarket, manufacture it yourself or get it in a drop-off method.
3-Build your online store, and set it to start selling through it.
4-Market your online store for sales.
5-Start selling through your online store, make profits, and always develop your business.

What is the best and easiest option to start e-commerce and why?

In fact, like the world of technology and the very flexible Internet… E-commerce is also flexible and has a lot of options.

For example, there are plenty of simple and easy options to start e-commerce (I’ll take one at a separate point below).

But here we will talk about professional options, i.e. creating and selling an independent professional store, but even this case has a lot of options, the most important of which are:

Using e-commerce platforms.
-Hire a professional programmer to make the store.
-Use WordPress and add WooCommerce.

9- Profit from the Internet via Facebook

Many believe that the profit from Facebook stems only from being an advertising platform, which can be used to generate profits in indirect ways (in fact no one denies Facebook’s marketing power).

But this narrow belief about the idea of profit from Facebook applies only to the past, but now there are direct ways to profit from Facebook (yes, profits will reach you directly through Facebook), the most important of which are:

-Profit from Facebook through videos.
-Profit from Facebook through instant articles.
-Profit from Facebook via instant games.

10- Profit from the Internet through Forex Trading

Forex is an abbreviation of the English term Foreign Exchange Market, a huge foreign exchange and trading market, which is estimated to be traded daily in trillions of dollars (thousands of billions).

The idea of trading Forex is simply based on buying currency at a time when it is low, selling it when its price rises, but what makes things more interesting and profitable is the leverage system provided by Forex companies.

This financial leverage system allows speculators to speculate in large amounts without having to pay the full trading value, as it only needs to place a small deposit of $100 (called margin), through which a trading value of up to $50,000 can be speculated.

Through a leverage system, with a small amount of $100, you can make a profit of hundreds of dollars, but on the other hand, the $100 can be lost in the blink of an eye.

In fact, this area is not for everyone, it contains a lot of misinformation and ideas, and many are losing out because of a lack of understanding before actually starting.

But on the other hand, there are also many who make profits estimated at thousands of dollars a month through forex trading.

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Now we have come to the last part of the article, which I advise you to give enough attention and focus because it is really a very important part.

  1. You don’t have to do everything yourself.
    The great thing about profiting from the Internet is that you don’t have to do everything yourself, so you can always use others to do tasks you don’t know.

Online you can reach professionals in all areas that may come to your mind, and by paying a small amount of money you can rent someone to do whatever you want and overcome any obstacle you may face.

For example, if you want to start profiting from YouTube, you’ll find people who can help you edit videos, promote your channel, and design professional introductions to your channel… Etc. This of course falls any other way.

2- Profit from the Internet is like any business
It needs some investment, effort, time and focus as well as continued learning, knowledge and self-development.

3- There are endless ways to profit from the Internet
There are a lot and a lot of ways but they all fall under major sections just like the ground, and there are a lot of disciplines and areas where you can make a profit from the Internet.

These are the basic outlines that most people use to make a profit through the Internet:

Do sell something online like a commodity or service.
Provide something free and profit through ads.
Providing services to third parties for money (similar to the idea of employment but more flexible).
Invest money to generate profits such as investing in ads to attract visitors and then make a profit from them.

4- One skill I recommend you to learn
If there is one skill I advise you to learn to take the first step towards profit from the Internet:

“Learn how to use the Internet, learn how to search, learn how to register sites and how to deal with them, learn how to use your mouse and keyboard professionally and quickly, learn how to communicate with support services when needed.”
These all fall under the name of the skill of using the computer and the web efficiently, and by learning this skill you will save yourself a lot… Everything you need to profit from the Internet is online.

5- Flexibility is the key to success for profit from the Internet
If there is one characteristic of the idea of profit from the Internet it is flexibility, in the world of internet flexibility is the lady of the situation, you can at any time develop your way of profiting from the Internet, merge two ways together, or even move from area to field.

You should also remember that teamwork is a great choice and always available, no matter how you make a profit from the Internet, there is always a potential partner you can access and shorten halfway.

For example, finding creating a YouTube channel is difficult for you alone, well talk to your video friend and the other video editor and work together as a team.

6- Internet profit tools
We can divide the tools into two parts:

Basic tools:

Such as the operating system used and internet browsers and how to use them professionally, and also includes Office programs, and editing programs on simple images… Etc.

Specialized tools:

These vary according to the area in which you will specialize, including professional video and image editing and design programs, e-marketing tools, site analysis tools, web page design, and specialized sites that provide specific services to facilitate work… Etc.

In the end, I hope that my subject will be a ray of hope and a way to open up new horizons for every Arab young man or girl who wants to change her life for the better through the endless opportunities and profitability available through the Internet.

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