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Tips for Making Successful Facebook Ads

20 tips for creating a successful professional Facebook ad 2022

Facebook ads
Facebook ads

Facebook ads have become a very important part of any digital marketing plan for any product or service these days. That’s why a lot of people are looking for any advice to create a successful ad on Facebook.

Facebook ads have become a business for a lot of young people as well, they do a lot of advertising campaigns for business owners and companies to help them make profits.

Dear reader, you are one of two, either you are looking for the best tips to create a funded ad on Facebook for your company, or your project.

Or you’re someone who’s looking to improve his skill as an online marketer so you can work in this field, especially since Facebook’s advertising industry is a very good source of profit in entrepreneurship.

For this. In this guide, you’ll find 20 easy-to-execute practical tips to create a successful Facebook ad campaign, which will help you achieve excellent results for your paid advertising campaigns as quickly and at the lowest cost.

1- Start with the basics

If you don’t know how to make an ad on Facebook right or feel that there are some things you don’t understand well, I advise you to do the next.

Read the Facebook-funded ad work guide in which we explain everything step by step.

The other thing is to study the courses provided by Facebook itself, which it offers under the darkness of facebook blueprint, through which you can learn more about Facebook and its marketing power in general, and about paid ads on Facebook in particular.

Here’s the Link to Facebook Blue Print Courses:

2- Use Facebook Pixel from day one

Facebook’s pixel for those who don’t know it is simply a code that you can access through your Facebook ad account,

After you get your Pixel Facebook code, send it to the site developer who works with you, and tell him to put it in the Code Ben area, on your site or landing page.

The functionality of this code is simply a tracking business for your site visitors (such as Google analytics), through which data is collected about your site’s visitors, and this data can be used in the future to perform good targeting, and improve the results of your Facebook ad campaigns.

With this code, you can create target lists based on previous visits to your site (this is called Custom Audience or a dedicated audience).

You should use Facebook Pixel from day one, to help Facebook know what kind of traffic is visiting your site.

You should also do Set Up for this pixel on all pages of your site without exception, focus on pages for recording your customers’ data, and make the Lead Generation pixel through your account settings.

3- Try to divide your audience

The most important advice I’ve learned to make successful funded ads on Facebook: is not to treat all the audiences that have been targeted with the same treatment, I have to divide the audience.

For example, if you’re a clothing store owner who divides your audience by age and gender, that way you’ll be able to make ads that are sector-oriented, with a higher (Conversion Rate).

4- Use video

If you can make all your ads in a video image, do it without hesitation, I know that video takes time in its industry, but its results are very strong.

Try to make this video a social guide to the quality of the product or service you’re promoting, for example, it could be a video of a customer talking about the splendor of your service, and how it helped him solve his problem.

Thumbnail videos (thumbnails) should draw attention so that Facebook users can click on the video to watch it.

The first seconds of the video are the most important, so you have to address viewers about their problems to make sure that the video is important, and that it will help them solve these issues.

5- You must test first

Most successful ads are data-driven, and the marketer doesn’t rely on emotion, or any factor other than results until he makes the best decision for him.

There is no way to get reliable data better than testing and testing, testing is the best and surest way to get the best results.
Here are some of the most important points you have to test to get the best results:

a) Advertising image

Do more than one ad in the same way with only changing the image, so you can get clear information about the quality of the images that do the best with your audience.

b) Ad copy text

Try your ad with more than one ad text, and try to reach the best strategy that delivers the best results for you.

c) Targeting

There are a lot of items you can test with targeting, which you have to try one by one to get the best targeting that achieves the best result.

d) Advertising positions

There are a lot of places that Facebook offers for your ad to appear, and of course its choice should be the result of an experience, because of the nature of the business you shop for, the nature of the ad and the nature of the audience you’ll find that there are certain places that achieve better results.
Given the importance of this point, we will address it in detail in independent advice.

6- Rely on retargeting

According to several studies: Any customer needs to interact with any brand at least 7 times before deciding to deal with it most often. Of course it depends on the strength of the prand itself.

For this you find big brands making ads in more ways than one, on the street, on Facebook and YouTube, on TV and on Google as well, all in order to interact with the potential customer more than once.

Of course, we don’t have the budget for these companies, so we have to rely on re-targeting.

For example, you can re-target people who have seen 50% of your video ad with a different video, and you may offer them an offer or discount until you turn them into customers.

Or you can re-target everyone who was about to buy from your site, and you can re-target your site’s traffic that has visited a particular page.
(Disclaimer: Facebook pixels must be placed to do this type of targeting.)

Retargeting ads cost less than regular ads, so don’t waste this opportunity.

7- Select the purpose of the ad correctly

Many marketers don’t take advantage of defining the purpose of advertising properly, Facebook gives you many options, if you enter the marketing goal at the beginning of any paid campaign, you’ll find many options, these options fall under three main sectors:

a) Awareness

It is dedicated to marketing goals that seek to draw attention to the brand, or to enhance interest in what is offered in your business, whether product or service.

b) Attention

It is intended for goals that seek to urge the user to start thinking about purchasing the product or service you provide, through which the user can be treated as a potential buyer who wants more information in order to make the purchase decision.

c) Conversion

It is intended for marketing objectives that seek to turn the target customer into an actual customer by making the purchase.

As can be seen from the description of each sector, these sectors represent arranged marketing stages, starting with getting the target customer to know the above and ending with the customer actually purchasing the product.

Here you as a smart marketer should not jump to the next stage, unless your target operation is ready for it through the stage before it.

8- Use engagement strategy first

This strategy, if you just come out of this article, will make very good successes, and you’ll save yourself a lot of advertising expenses.

When you make any new ad campaign, make an ad with Engagement to increase interaction with that ad, which will automatically increase ad views from your potential customers as a result of a sharing.

Then re-target anyone who interacts with this ad with another ad in which you offer them an offer or discount on what you’re promoting, in this way you get much better results.

You can also use the same method in Lead generation to get these people’s data, and then promote them free of charge, such as email marketing.

9- Choose where the ad appears consciously

Placements are essential and powerful elements of the success of your Facebook-funded ad, and unfortunately, many beginners fall into the trap of the “Automatic (Recommended) option” option, which is automatically selected.

In fact, when you click on the placement adjustment option, a lot and a lot of options will appear, which you set perfectly for your ad, and the results will change completely.

Here I won’t tell you exactly what to choose, because it depends on your ad, its nature, your audience and their nature, but I’ll put you a set of golden tips that will make a difference in your ad results.

  1. Don’t please again with automatic options. Choose to modify placements, check every position and every option, and ask yourself whether this position suits my audience and fits the nature of my ad or not?
  2. If the marketing goal involves purchasing a particular product, especially if it is at a relatively high cost, and the decision-making process may take some time from the customer, desktop ads achieve better results.
  3. Instant articles are an excellent position to target Facebook users who like to read and see the news.
  4. A marketplace is an excellent place for your ad to appear if you’re shopping for a product.
  5. The left column only appears to Facebook users from a computer, so if you’re looking to reach mobile users only, you should cancel this position.
  6. You should ask whether my target audience is on Instagram or not, so cancel Instagram from placements or leave it.
  7. Use an option only when connecting to Wi-Fi when your ad is video, targeting a wide range of audiences living in a country that is not rich.

10- Rely on a complete marketing plan

The marketing plan here is intended: to be ready with a plan so that you can earn as much profit as possible while providing a great user experience.

Imagine selling clothes to ladies, and after any lady clicks on your ad and opens your site you’ll find the piece of clothing you want to buy.

At the same time, give her an accessory, for example, or a product that complements what you will buy, in this way you make higher profits, and of course you can use various free promotion methods such as emails, or re-targeting until you benefit again from this client.

This method is known in marketing as Up-selling

11- Use an appropriate budget in your advertising campaigns

This depends on your domain, the cost of advertising different clothes from a car ad, all depending on the size of the competition and the audience you are targeting.

For this try, more than one way, try to rely on the lowest budget possible for you every day (e.g. $3 or $5) and then look at the results, try to increase the budget little by little so you can find the best results for you.

12- Spy on the pages of your competitors

Facebook has been updating for quite a while, so anyone can easily know what ads any Facebook page is doing.

When you enter one of your competitors’ Facebook page, you’ll find in the right column a rectangle that says “Page Transparency.”
You’ll find a link at the top of the rectangle that says “View more”

Click on this link, and a pop-up will open in front of you, click on the “Go to the Ad Library” link that is in an ad rectangle from this page,

By clicking on a transition link to the ad library, a new tab will be opened in your browser containing all the current ads for the page.

This is how you can recognize ads, know how your competitors depend, and the quality of content they rely on in their marketing plans.

Facebook doesn’t show you how much interaction you have on these posts to keep advertisers private, but you can only extract a lot of information from the ad version.

13- Spy on your competitors using Facebook Pixel

You know how I spy on any site or service to find out most of their advertising campaigns at all stages, i get them to target me with their advertising campaigns.

Enter the site, browse their product page and wait a minute there, then open Facebook through the desktop.

I browse my account posts until I find their ad, as you use Facebook Pixel they also use.

Not only that, I click on the purchase mark and complete all steps except the payment step (this is in case the competitor sells a particular product) and then leave the site.

Then I open Facebook to find out how this competitor re-targets, so I get a lot of information about competitors’ plans in any field.

I don’t keep a secret that I also rely on this method to get discounts on the products or services I want to buy, because most of these sites depend on offers and discounts in the targeting process.

14- Use Facebook Messenger in your advertising campaigns

Many novice marketers don’t know that you can make advertising campaigns through Facebook Messenger, this method is very effective especially with services that request booking or start a conversation with your customers first (such as courses – medical services)

For example, you can target anyone who emails your page with a Facebook Messenger ad, as they’ve already communicated with you, so they’ll think this is a normal message from you and they’ll interact with it a lot.

15- Keep an eye on your ads

You need to know that you’re not the only one targeting people with ads, there are a lot of companies and marketers who do the same thing, everyone struggles to attract customer attention via Facebook.

For this, you should keep an eye on your ad results constantly, if you find a significant change in results, you should stop the ad directly so you know why.

You may change the ad itself or change the category you’re targeting, and the most important things you need to monitor are:

  • CPM value (cost per 1,000 views for your ad)
  • Impressions deployment size.
  • Frequency size (how many times your ad is placed in front of the same person – this number doesn’t have to be large, it means the ad is no more results, so you have to change it or change the audience you’re targeting)

16- Don’t rush the results

I was making this mistake at the beginning of my dealings with Facebook ads, which is that I don’t have the patience, to do an ad for a day or two, and when I can’t find results I stop it, and that’s a very big mistake.

You have to give Facebook a while to understand the audience you’re targeting, and how it interacts with your ads, so you have to wait 4 to 7 days for your ads before you make any decision.

Of course it all depends on your budget.

17- Don’t use vague ads

I get very upset when I see an ad and don’t understand exactly what he wants me to do, and sometimes I don’t even understand what the product or service is in that ad.

You must specify the purpose of the ad, or what it speaks in the first 3 seconds of customer contact with that ad.

Whether the ad is a picture, written text, video, or a mixture of two types. You need to identify the problem you’re addressing your audience for, and let those who see the ad know what they’re going to benefit from in order to complete reading or watching.

18- Rely on emojis in your ads

Remember that you’re addressing the Sushil Media audience on Facebook with your ads, this audience likes to interact, and they like ads to be similar to the regular posts they interact with every day.

For this, you have to use the same language and style that people prefer, so try to rely on emojis in the words you use, as well as in your photos and videos.

19- You must set realistic goals

The reason why so many people fail with Facebook ads is because they expect to achieve impressive results at the lowest possible cost, and then they’re actually shocked by the results.

This is an important tip for creating funded ads on Facebook, be realistic, and try to set very simple goals so you don’t get frustrated.

For example, you can say I’m going to make only 5% net profit after calculating the ad budget, that way when you fail to reach the target at first you won’t be disappointed.

20- Rely on Facebook Tips

While you’re making any ad campaign, Facebook directs a set of instructions to you to get the best results, for example, you’ll find it tells you that the images you use are not clear.

Or maybe you use a large number of words in your ad version, listen to Facebook and do what they tell you, he knows what he’s doing.

At the end of the article, I hope you’ve already found 20 tips to create a successfully funded ad on Facebook, that you’ve benefited from this information, and please tell us the results so we can share them with 216 followers.

Don’t forget to share this article with everyone who cares, so that it’s a reason to spread useful knowledge and information among your friends and acquaintances.

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