Create a Gmail account

Gmail is a great, free email service offered by Google. Through your Google Account, you can own a free Gmail

account and use it as you like, whether through your browser on a computer or through the app on your mobile phone.

Gmail is one of the most important and best email services ever it is easy to use and fast to download, and it is enough to understand its excellence to know that it is produced by the giant Google company.
Before you start explaining the registration steps, we’ll show a range of Gmail’s most important features in a simple and short way.

Gmail Email Features
Produced by giant Google
This in itself is a great feature, as well as the fact that Google is a company that makes us feel confident and quality, as well as providing one account for all its products. By creating a Gmail account, you have accounted for all of google’s great products and services.

You’ll get 15GB of storage space
Gmail gives you 15GB of free storage space, through which you can save a lot of photos and files in drafts on your email to use from anywhere.

Fast to download and easy to use
All of Google’s great Gmail products are also fast to download, and easy to use even for those who have no experience in dealing with technology significantly.

Gmail can be used even when you’re offline
You can write and send a message offline, and it will be sent directly as soon as you connect to the Internet automatically. This feature is available in the phone app, and you can also use it by adding Google Chrome Gmail Offline.
There are a lot of other features, but we’re going to be content with these four, and now let’s move on to the steps of creating a mail account.

Steps to create a Gmail account
Google is known to provide one account for all its products and service, so to create a Gmail account Google will take you to make a public account called Google Account, through this account you can use the Gmail email service.
Also through it, you can use YouTube, Google Drive, and all other Google products.
To start creating a Gmail account, follow these steps:

Note the steps of creating a Gmail account are one whether you’re using a computer or smartphone, and the only difference here is that the data will be stacked below each other when using a smartphone, because of the limited screen size.

Step 1: Go to the Gmail account creation page
Click on the link below to go to the Gmail account creation page.

Enter basic account data
Once you press the button above, the Google Account creation page will open, as shown in the image below.

Step 2:Create a Gmail account
Fill in the data as shown above according to the following:

Your first name.
Last name
The username (the name that will be used as an email address), this name does not have to contain spaces, but you can use characters, numbers, and points.
Enter your password twice to confirm (the eye tag can be pressed for the password to appear until you copy and save it).
Note: You can change the language of account creation

If your chosen username is available (i.e. someone else has not already used it), you will be moved to the next page directly, but if the username is not available, you will get a line message as shown below.

Try another username
As shown above, this message will appear if the username is not available, and a set of suggestions for available usernames will appear below and you can choose from it.

Note: Here we recommend trying to choose a username that doesn’t have a lot of numbers or letters that don’t make sense, so that until the email appears professionally, try making minor changes until you reach the best possible option.

Step 3: Complete account data
Once you have access to an available username, and after pressing the next button, you will be moved to the account data update page, as shown in the picture below.

Create a Gmail account
Now you must complete the data shown above as follows:

Enter your mobile phone number (this step is optional but we recommend it to secure the account)
Mail address to recover account (if you have another email account, enter it, this point is optional and you can skip it)
Enter your date of birth
Choose sex
Note: Here we recommend copying and saving your email address with your password to avoid forgetting it in the future.
After filling in the data correctly, press the next button.

Step 4: Prove ownership of your phone number
After you press the next button in the previous step, you will be moved to your phone number proof page (you are supposed to have written your phone number in the previous step). Now press the send button as shown in the picture below.

Create a Gmail account
After pressing the send button within a maximum of seconds or a minute, you will receive a text message from Google containing such a 6-digit code (G-123456). Also, a small rectangle will appear in front of you on the registration page, insert the code into this rectangle, as shown in the image below.

Enter the verification code
After pressing the confirmation button as pictured above, you’ll see a message for additional benefits, press the OK button, as shown in the picture below.

Get additional benefits
Step 5: Approval of privacy and items
After pressing the OK button in the previous step, you will be moved to the Privacy and Items Policy page, you can read google’s terms of service, identify the data it processes, and then press the OK button, as shown in the picture below.
Congratulations, a private Gmail account has now been created. and a Google account has been created to take advantage of all Google’s services and products.

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