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Google Adsense Registration Steps

Approved Adsense

Now that you know the most important criteria for accepting sites in Google Adsense, you have confirmed that these standards already apply to your site, so let’s start explaining the registration steps at Google Adsense.

For Google Adsense, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your Gmail account

This is a proactive step (we’re doing it now because we’ll need it in a little while), here you have to sign in to the Gemmell account you’d like to use in the Adsense account.

If you don’t have one, you can see the Gmail account creation article to create a new one.

2. Access to google AdSense registration page

Go to the Google Adsense home page, you can do so by clicking on the link below.


3. Go to the account creation page

You can do this by pressing the Subscribe button now (button in green), obviously

4. Enter the website link and email

Enter your Domain name, and your email (for which you signed in in the first step), choose yes below (i.e. agree to receive messages from Google with tips and suggestions), and then press the “Save and Follow” button,

5. Choose the country and approve the items

Choose the country, learn in front of your approval of the terms, and then press the account creation button.

Note: On the registration page above you will find that Google has monitored your account for which you signed in in the first step.

6. Enter detailed address data

After you press the account creation button in the previous step, your account will be created and transferred to complete the data and activate the account.

Note: At first you may find a pop-up with notifications of new features added to Adsense, you can browse these features through stocks and then press the start button.

After you skip the notification window you will find in front of you the detailed address data page, As shown below.

-Account type (you’ll find it automatically selected individually, and you can change it to keep up with the pen icon).
-The name (it will be extracted from the Gemmell user account), and of course you can edit it.
-Title 1 (enter your address accurately and clearly).
-Title 2 (you can write more details about your address, or leave it blank).
-Write down the name of the city you live in.
-The province (choose the province or state in which you live), and next to it enter the zip code (if you don’t know it, search the name of the city or area and you’ll find sites with each city’s zip code guide).
-Phone number (optional step but we strongly recommend writing your phone number.
-After filling out the data, press the send button.

7. Link your site to Adsense

After you enter your address data in Step 6 and press the send button, you’ll be taken to the link page through the code

Registering for Google Adsense Step 7
Code is the way to link your site to your Google Adsense account, and putting this code on your site is an inevitable step to start evaluating and then approving your account.

You can refer to your site developer to make this move (tell him that you want to put a code inside the HTML code of the site, specifically between my and my markers.

If you use WordPress, you should follow these steps:

When you access your WordPress control panel, go to Appearance’s Tab and from there to Widgets.
On the friendliness page, do a script on the articles pages in the sidebar area.
You can do this by pulling the text code gate and inserting it into the place dedicated to appearing on the articles pages.
Place the Adsense code in the text-friendly box and press Save.
Now go back to your account on Adsense, and learn in front of the sentence “I stuck the code in my position” as shown in the picture above, and then press a button below.

Google Adsense will review your site and send your Gemmell mail approval message if it complies with Google’s terms, or a rejection message will be sent with the reason for the rejection.

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Here we have come to the end of our theme about profit from Google Adsense. I hope the topic is useful to you and helps you understand Google Adsense and how to profit from it well.

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