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List of the most important terms for the SEO

This is the first lesson of the search engine optimization guide lessons, in which I will address, a collection of the most important and famous terms used in SEO.

Each term will be addressed in English and defined in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Understanding terminology is a very important element when learning anything new, knowing the terms used to improve search engines and understanding their meanings, will help you understand the SEO components and will make it easier for you to understand in future lessons.

The most important and famous terms of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is the main topic that we are talking about in the entire guide. This term means improving search engines, or configuring and improving the website for search engines, and is also referred to as SEO for short.

SEO includes every change made by the owner or operator of the website, to help search engines crawl, understand, and index the site, and the ultimate purpose of the SEO is to get a better ranking in the search results.

Search Engines

It means search engines, which are computer programs owned by private companies such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These companies offer an online search service. Through software, you collect data on all web pages on the Internet and then provide the visitor with results from these sites when writing any research word.


It means the content, and refers to everything on any web page for the purpose of providing information to the user. The content can be textual, including any written word or sentence visible to the user.

The content can also be heard as a audio file, or visible as images and videos. It is worth mentioning here that the world is one of the most important factors in the order of results in search engines.

The more quality the content of the web page, the greater the chance that it will appear in the initial results.


Creeper, a specialized software used by search engines, means that you visit web pages constantly to collect data, for the purpose of indexing these pages.

It monitors every new web page on the Internet, and also monitors updates on web pages. to add it to the search engine’s indexing database. It is also called Bot or Spider.


It means crawling, a process in which web pages are visited around the Internet. To access new and updated pages, for indexing. Crawling is done by following the links in the first place.


It means directory or index, a search engine database, which contains data for each web page indexed by the search engine. It is the source of the search results show in each search.


Algorithms, a set of processes performed through a computer program, mean that search results appear and rank in the best and most appropriate way for the user.

When you type any key word in Google, for example, the software begins to perform algorithms according to predetermined factors, to show results to the user in a particular order.

Ranking Factors

Ranking factors, a set of criteria that search engines use to evaluate each web page, mean. Google search engine once announced that it uses more than 200 workers, to determine which pages first appear in search results.

Search engine algorithms rely on these ranking factors in their operations, in order to produce and arrange search results for each key word.


A key word, the keyphrase that the Seo specialist targets on a web page, means to appear in the search results for that word.

Keywords are extracted based on the rate at which they are used by users.


It means a question, a word or sentence, that a search engine user writes to search about. Whether the search sentence is a question or not, it represents a query for the search engine for which it has the job to provide answers.

It is worth mentioning here that query and keyword are two sides of the same coin, you as a site owner you should know the search word, which the user uses, and then target it as a key word on one of your site pages, in order to appear in the search results of this search word (keyword).

White Hat

White Hat, a term used, means expressing legitimate strategies in improving search engines.

White hat holders respect search engine rules and laws, and try to reach the initial results without circumventing these laws.

There is also a linked term called Black Hat, which is the exact opposite of the white hat. Another term is Gray Hat and means, and owners use a strategy that combines both legitimate and illegal practices.


It means a review link, a link on a website that refers to your site or to one of your site’s pages.

Your site gets backlink when a site owner places a link to one of your site’s pages, for example, as a reference to important content on your site. Backlink is an important factor that shows the importance of your site.

Internal Link

An internal link, is a link to one of your site’s pages that refers to another page within your site as well. Internal links are a very important element for each website, they are used to link pages that talk about related topics.

Another similar term is external link, which means an external link. It is a link to your site that refers to a page in another site.

Anchor Text

It means the text of the link, which is the text used as a link on any web page. You can convert any text on your site to a link, by adding a specific code or by inserting a link to wordpress.

On-Page SEO

It means internal SEO, which represents every change within web pages, for better results in search engines, such as improving the quality of web page content.

Another linked term, Off-Page SEO, means external sio, represents every activity outside web pages, for better results in search engines, such as posting website links on social media.

Responsive Website

A responsive website means a term for sites with a design that responds to all devices. The responsive website works well on all screen sizes for computers, mobiles and tablets as well.


It means a location map. A file written in a language called XML, added to the main path of your site. This file contains links to all pages of your site. The purpose of this file is to help search engines access your site well and then index it.

User Experience

The visitor’s experience means that it is shortened to two characters UX. It is worth mentioning that search engines give the visitor’s experience special importance to your site evaluation.

Above the Fold

It means the visible part of the page. A term for expressing the user’s front part of the web page immediately after it is uploaded. That is, before the visitor moves the scroll.

It’s very important to check this part well on your site, on all screen sizes, because it’s a big part of the visitor’s experience on your site.


A shortcut to Hypertext Markup Language, is the basic software language of each website. This language is used to refer to important elements on your site through a special code called HTML Tags, which helps improve your location for search engines.

Alt Attribute

An HTML code used to provide information about images, by writing descriptive text. This text helps search engines and the blind understand the images on your site.

Google Analytics

A web analysis tool, this tool is google’s and is completely free for every site owner. This device enables you to know a lot of analytical and graphic information about your site, such as the number of daily visitors, the source of these visitors, the geographical location and the type of device used. There is a lot of other data provided by this wonderful instrument.

Bounce Rate

It means the rate of recoil, a term used to express the percentage of visitors to your site who have left the site, without moving to another page within the site.

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