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Best WordPress templates

WordPress templates
WordPress templates

Before WordPress appeared, every site owner who wanted to change the design of their site, or even make adjustments to the old design, had to wait days, maybe weeks, for the web designer to do the required design.

Now that there’s great WordPress, specifically with ready-made WordPress templates, each site owner can completely change the design of their site in less than 5 minutes.

The options here have almost no limits, as there are thousands of great WordPress templates available to all site owners to choose from, including what is free, some of which are paid for at truly symbolic prices compared to the quality and the beauty of the design.

In this article, you will find everything you need to understand WordPress templates as a professionally familiar expert.

If you don’t have a WordPress site and want to understand more about WordPress, you should first read the topics below:

What are WordPress templates?

To understand what WordPress templates are, we first have to understand what WordPress is.

WordPress in short: a comprehensive content management system. This system consists of software files that are uploaded to web hosting and tuned to the site, thus allowing site owners a comprehensive system to control everything in their locations, through an easy and simple control panel.

WordPress essentially offers a range of core files that contain the core or nucleus of the system with its features and features. But to show your site professionally to visitors, it needs another set of files, called the WordPress template.

Accordingly, we can define WordPress themes as a set of independent software files that together represent everything visible to visitors to your site, namely, your site design.

This includes the colors of the site, the division of spaces, the size of the lines, their types, and their colors.

This also includes some features and software features that work in harmony, and in an integrated way with basic WordPress files.

Because WordPress is an open-source program, so anyone can make a WordPress template and sell it to their account. Any specialist can also make adjustments to the WordPress template he uses, to make it more suitable for his website.

WordPress templates often consist of three sets of files: PHP Files, CSS Files, and JS Files.

Here are some other WordPress templates and how they work:

  1. WordPress templates are a separate package of files, primarily responsible for the appearance of any WordPress site.
  2. WordPress is made in such a way that any user can replace WordPress templates as they please (i.e. replace that independent package of files).
  3. In order for your WordPress site to work properly, it must have a template to show content in front of the user, so WordPress comes with a virtual free template to run the site.
  4. Although the WordPress template is an independent set of files that can be changed, it is a piece of material in the Game Basel (puzzle) and WordPress, so some of WordPress’s core features work mainly through templates.

The difference between free and paid WordPress templates

One of the points that many WordPress users, especially novice Arabs, care about is the cost of the WordPress template. You find many users looking for free WordPress templates to use instead of paying money for paid templates.

To resolve this point, we must first define both free and paid templates:

First, free WordPress templates

Templates are mostly designed by volunteers and are available on some websites, accessible, downloaded, and used completely free of charge.

Many of these molds are on the official WordPress website and can be accessed, installed, and activated directly from the WordPress control panel.

It can also be accessed from the official WordPress website

Second, mold and WordPress paid

They are templates designed by professional companies and are located in many famous stores, as well as in specialized locations. To get it, you have to pay an amount of money, which is on average from $20 to $100.

In fact, without introductions, we recommend using a paid WordPress template, especially for aspirants who want to perform better for their sites and thus achieve the best results through them.

We recommend using a paid WordPress template for the following reasons:

a) Free templates are available to all WordPress users, so you’ll find most of their users are amateurs, beginners, inexperienced, and of course you’re looking to create a unique WordPress site that you don’t have to belong to this category.

b) The creator of paid WordPress templates know that more are available free of charge, which often drives them and they have to make distinctive templates, of higher quality to be worth the amount paid.

c) By owning a paid WordPress template you will get a free lifetime update to this template. Paid template owners constantly update templates to solve technical problems, add more properties to them, and improve their overall performance.

d) By owning a paid WordPress template, you will receive a free support service for some time (6 months or one year), during this period you can always contact the template holder to solve a problem or clarify a property… Etc.

There may be more reasons, but I will be content with what I have already mentioned. The bottom line here is that buying a paid WordPress template for your site is an investment worth the amount paid.

Now come together and generally identify the most important factors on which you should choose the WordPress template.

6 very important factors for selecting WordPress templates correctly

In this part, I will put you into a set of important points that will help you choose a professional WordPress template for your site.

  1. Keep in mind the purpose of use
    WordPress is a platform that suits all types of sites, so you’ll find WordPress templates specifically designed for each type of site.

For example, you’ll find WordPress templates for cooking sites, more suitable for viewing photos, and others for sites that profit from Google Adsense… Etc.

So it’s important here to have a clear view of your location and the nature of the content you’re going to provide.

  1. Choose a responsive WordPress template for all devices and browsers
    The Internet user is now browsing the web by using a lot of types of devices (iPad, computer, tablet, smartphone). Of course, the screen sizes of these devices are different from each other.

As a result of this development in the world of web browsing, a new concept of web design has emerged in general and WordPress templates in particular, a concept called Responsive English, which means responsive Arabic.

That is, the design is flexible enough to adapt greatly and works efficiently with all screen sizes.

Before purchasing a WordPress template, you should make sure it’s responsive. It is also important to make sure that the template works excellently with the most famous and important internet browsers (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.. Etc.).

  1. Your WordPress template should support your site language
    Here we assume that you will make a site in Arabic, so you should support the WordPress template that you will choose for the right to Left and RTL, i.e. the ability to view content from the right to the north, this applies not only to text but must include the design itself.
  2. Keep in mind how much change you can make to the template
    WordPress template is not only a collection of rigid files, but also has its control panel, through which you can make a lot of adjustments, make a lot of customization, and activate the capabilities and features you want.

Of course, you can customize the template through the WordPress control panel, by entering the look and then the templates and then pressing the apparent allocation button in front of the user template.

Of course, here the more options the template has, and a lot of modifications can be made to it, the more it can appear distinctively even if many others use it.

  1. Choose a search engine-friendly template
    A term called SEO Friendly is found in the template description or its list of features.
    SEO Friendly: Means that the template is compatible with the criteria for improving search engines, and this includes a lot of aspects, the most important of which are:

Clean code with no errors
Download speed
Easy to navigate between site pages through menus
The distinctive and attractive design gives a good impression to the user
A good show for the brand of the site.

  1. The simplicity of design is the title of beauty
    Many WordPress templates come with lots of colors, complex designs, and flashy animations, sometimes you may need these things, but in most cases, all you need is a simple and easy-to-use template.

You should remember that the purpose of designing the site is to help users find the information they need and to help you as a site owner achieve your goals.

A WordPress template does not serve this goal, even if it is beautiful from your point of view, it is not the right template for your site.

In the end, I hope that this article will serve as a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to understand WordPress templates, how to choose a professional template, fuse it, and activate it.

Don’t forget to share the topic with your friends in order to benefit.

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